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The operation department of the voluntary fire brigade of Hausen has 34 members at the moment. Among them are also 8 women! Beside the district of Hausen our operation area includes also the district of Industriehof and the lower part of Roedelheimer Landstrasse. During large-scale operations we are reponsible for the whole city zone of Frankfurt.

Normally we are alert from Monday to Friday during the evenings and night and on during the weekends around the clock. Our task is to support our workmate of the fire brigade. Whenever there are large-scale damage events, heavy storms or when the fire stations are short-staffed we work at our own risk. In the years between 1995 and 1997 we were at 51 operations with an average time of alert of 7 minutes.

We would like to refer you to two very serious operations:

       1.1.1997: The fire of a warehouse with thousands of clocks
       10.1.1998: The fire of a cellar in the Langweidenstrasse.

More operations you can find here!

We meet every Friday at 8 p.m. at the fire equipment room. Our training includes therotical lessons regarding all matters of fire protection as well as practical excercises partly under realistic conditions. But all all excercises and lessons are completed by sports and comradely activities like the traditional fire brigade hike in Steinau or going to the swimming pool. This means that our brigade does not at all meet to putting out our "fire" with alcohol like there are some prejudices.


We invite all young women and men up to the age of 17, who feel physically fit and are interested in technology to visit us and to watch us working. Working with us means that you can possibly be exempted from military service.

When you were a little child didnīt you dreamt of using a jet pipe and of riding with a fire engine?

This dream can be eaisly be realised!

The voluntary fire brigade does not only offer an interesting hobby, they also help people and animals. They are indispensable for the fire protection of Frankfurt!

Come and visit us on Friday at 8 p.m. or take information from one of our members.

 (0 69) 7 89 42 43
 (0 69) 7 89 42 43
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